About Us

Our Mission

Eintracht International is more than just a fan club - we are a worldwide family united by our shared passion for Eintracht Frankfurt. Our goal is to create a global community that shares a love of soccer and pride in our club.

Our mission is to spread the spirit of Eintracht Frankfurt around the world. We want to bring people together across geographical and cultural boundaries, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of our members.

Respect and Enthusiasm

We believe in respect for all, regardless of origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and understand these values as fundamental to our community.

We strive to create a safe space where all members feel respected and valued. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and opinions as long as it is based on respect and mutual regard.

Ultimately, our mission is to share the excitement of Eintracht Frankfurt while promoting the values of respect, diversity and global community. No matter where you are, you can be part of Eintracht International and celebrate with us the wonderful club that unites us all.

Global together, joined by unity. Wherever you are, we are your home.

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